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One of Israel’s digital pioneers, founded Rabbi Interactive Agency in 2005, since then he led major innovations in the digital world, including products that accompanied the Eurovision and the Rising Star format that enabled hundreds of thousands of users viewers to “lift the screen” in real-time from their homes around the world.

In 2016, Rabbi was named in the 40 under Forty list of the most influential people in Israel, and in 2018, as one of 100 most influential people in the Israeli digital world after the international website of Amazon published coverage on the products he developed.

Rabbi is an active member of the start-up community and partner in a number of global ventures, in 2021, Rabbi founded Storycards, The no-code platform for engagement products.

In recent years, Rabbi has led the development of websites and applications for the major news companies in Israel, including Ynet, N12, Mako and more.

Gil Rabbi made his foray into the digital world in 2003. As part of his military service in Israel, he presided over the planning and development of the digital platform for the Tel HaShomer Army Induction Base's enlistment process, together with additional roles he executed in parallel. In 2005 he founded the Rabbi Interactive digital agency.

In 2008, Rabbi Interactive Agency went on to become a groundbreaking firm known for innovative technologies when it was among the first companies to develop products with new technology.

In 2019, Rabbi founded Crowdr, the start-up company which is owned by the Rabbi Group. With the help of Crowdr's technology, the company operated about 600K mobile devices of the crowd at the Festigal shows and made them active during the show without the need any communication and internet connection. Rabbi's unique technology has operated in 129 Festigal shows and allows to transferred data to mobile devices in crowded places with sound and without Internet communication or cellular reception.

In 2019, Rabbi led and designed the digital steps in preparation for the Eurovision contest. He developed several digital products that were adopted by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) and the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation.

Gil Rabbi

Gil Rabbi is described as one of the leading members in the world of engagement-based applications that are tailored to handle millions of users simultaneously and was praised after he created a technology that enabled over 600,000 phones to interact with each other without the need for an internet connection.

The interactive game ‘Douze or Boos,’ through which Eurovision songs were unveiled to the public for the first time, was widely successful in Europe and was launched on Eurovision’s global site. The game allows users to hear song snippets without knowing the song’s country of origin or performer. This is how Eurovision fans from around the world chose their favorite songs, free from any political interference or pressure.

Another product that Rabbi led for the contest was the ‘Eurovision Predictions App,’ which allowed viewers across Europe to interactively create their own predictions. Each prediction resulted in a unique video clip that the user was able to share on social media. At the end of the competition, the ‘experts’ who were able to accurately forecast the exact results were announced.

For the first time in Eurovision history, the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation together with the EBU held a hackathon called “EuroHack” in Microsoft’s Tel Aviv complex dedicated to technological innovations in the viewing experience. The event invited Rabbi to serve as a mentor, who came to assist numerous developers and start-ups produce innovative technological solutions for the Eurovision contest.

Ahead of the 2018 Eurovision, Rabbi came to the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation with an augmented reality filter that he developed for Facebook and Instagram. The filter witnessed massive success across the globe as hundreds of thousands of users made their own stories with Netta Barzilai’s pigtails and kimono to the sounds of TOY in the background.

Gil Rabbi

Each month, Rabbi products are used by over 20 million people

At the end of 2018, Rabbi was listed in the ‘40 Under 40’ most promising talents for 2018.

In 2017, Rabbi led the establishment of the digital product through which viewers could participate in the Israeli TV game show “Mi Yakhol al Yisrael,” hosted by Eyal Kitzis on Keshet. Rabbi founded a very unique product that, for the first time ever, brought together studio contestants and viewers at home for a trivia game.

In 2016, Rabbi succeeded in launching a product that he had been working on for several years together with Keshet - a platform designed for broadcasting bodies, which enables second screen activities without knowing anything related to development or code. In this way, the editors of Keshet can make the viewers active and involved in the broadcast content without the need to re-develop a dedicated app from scratch every time. The platform was highly-praised and Amazon Web Services extensively covered Rabbi’s product.

At the end of 2016, Rabbi was selected among the hundred most important digital influencers in Israel.

In recent years, Rabbi has also been a leading figure outside Israel as an expert in second-screen technology and digital product development for LIVE events. He has led and developed a number of groundbreaking products in the field.

Rabbi was widely praised when he founded the app and technology, which allowed viewers to lift the screen curtain on the live broadcast of Rising Star. This technology reached its culmination when Israeli viewers were able to choose Netta Barzilai and Kobi Marimi as Israel’s representatives in Eurovision. In 2016, Amazon published a highly-acclaimed Case Study concerning the second screen digital platform founded by Rabbi.

Rabbi has advised and developed digital products for numerous companies including Discount Bank, Coop Israel, American Express, Orange, Partner, Keshet TV and the Mako website, Isracard, Israel Nature and Parks Authority, ZAP, Super-Pharm, Bank Hapoalim, the Museum of the Jewish People, the Israeli Public Broadcasting Corporation, and more.

In 2015, Rabbi led the first course of Small Business Day, in the first year with American Express, and then subsequently during a combined course with Bank Hapoalim and American Express.

Near the end of 2015, Rabbi led the development of the app that accompanies the Keshet TV game show TOUCH. The app allows viewers to interactively play in real time with other viewers and figure out what is wrong with an image. The winning viewer is the one who figured out the problem in the image in the shortest time.

The game show, which was developed by Ido Rosenblum, was sold to Caracol, a television channel in Colombia where it was broadcasted live with the app developed by Rabbi.

In 2014, Rabbi led a unique digital move for Orange Mobile that combined Television worlds with mobile worlds. In The Big Brother's Final Commercial, Rabbi launched an online game that was perfectly synchronized with broadcast times when viewers had to catch the 4G icons shown live on television. The move was a great success and hundreds of thousands of viewers watched the commercials just to participate in the game.

In 2010, along with the ZEZE Production Office, Rabbi led a first-of-its-kind digital campaign on Facebook that blended the offline and online worlds of the bathing suit brand Pilpel Swimwear. The campaign was very successful and was subsequently entered into the Best Use Of Social Media category at the Cannes Film Festival.

Gil Rabbi

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