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Ordering System

10 אפריל 2014
project goals:
Creating an intra-organizational ordering system that will optimize the ordering process of products between branches of the Coop chain and suppliers.

Coop’s internal ordering system of Israel allows the chain’s concessioners to fill branch orders easily, conveniently and quickly. From the first stage in which we planned and defined the system it requirements together with the Coop team, we moved on to the user experience stage, because the system interface that we had planned and designed was built with an emphasis on user experience, as well as the ease to use and place orders.

Design and Development of a Specialized Ordering System
Design and Development of a Specialized Ordering System

The ordering system we developed interfaces in real time with Coop’s systems and databases of parallel systems, so it perfect synchronization can be attained between products, prices, branch statuses, etc. The system allows branches to order large amounts according to their inventory requirements.


The system enables quick searching for products, viewing of sales, searching for suppliers, selecting preferred suppliers, sending direct orders to Coop’s internal systems, and viewing personal data, including order history and branch data.


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