Hot Spots Tel Aviv

27 ספטמבר 2012
project goals:
Entering the brand into the Facebook social platform while maintaining the brand’s values and reaching the appropriate target audience.

In managing the digital arena of the Perrier brand of sparkling water, launching the Facebook page, and entering the brand into the social platform, we produced and handled a digital activity and Facebook campaign named Hotspots.


We placed the primary emphasis on planning the operation in its beginning, because this is the first entry of the brand into the social arena. At first we made sure to build the necessary infrastructure – we designed an invisible Facebook page, branded it, added history about the brand on a timeline, and filled the page with relevant content – even before we distributed the page to the target audience.

Facebook campaign PERRIER
Facebook campaign PERRIER

Perrier is an international brand linked through its values to the world of culture, fashion, music, and nightlife, and is branded as “premium,” thus the Hotspot campaign we produced when the Facebook page came up invited the target audience to tell stories about the hottest trends in the world.

The winner, selected according to an adjusted calculation of visitor and judge rankings, won a vacation in Barcelona

Managing PERRIER brand's digital strategy
Managing PERRIER brand's digital strategy
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